Georgia Cybersecurity and Privacy Roadmap

The GCRT Taskforce is creating a playbook for the entire Georgia education ecosystem to be used as a strategic guide for cybersecurity and privacy education.

Georgia is a leader in the cybersecurity field, home to flourishing industries in multiple regions and headquarters for companies in priority sectors, such as healthcare, fintech, agriculture, the U.S. Department of Defense, and others.  

Nationally recognized cybersecurity and privacy firms call metro Atlanta home, and across the state are countless startups and businesses offering cybersecurity and privacy solutions or providing them as part of other services. 

Georgia’s current cybersecurity workforce includes more than 32,000 professionals, but there are 17,000 jobs, or a full one-third, of the total available in the state that are unfilled. 

The Georgia Cybersecurity and Privacy Roadmap Taskforce is a group of education experts working with industry and government officials to understand the needs of Georgia’s education system and provide a guide to fill the workforce gap by recommending a strategy for cyber education programs and training for students and working professionals. 


Workshops are open to the public and designed to engage stakeholders and spark conversations in order to inform a strategic action plan and playbook that can be implemented collaboratively across public and private education systems, including K-12, technical colleges, and university programs. 

Building a Strategic Blueprint for Cybersecurity and Privacy Education
Bridging the Cybersecurity and Privacy Workforce Skills and Training Gap

Future-Proofing for a Powerful Cybersecurity and Privacy Ecosystem

What will it take to secure our infrastructures, economy, and personal identities in a digital society?



Raheem Beyah – Professor and Dean, College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Charles Isbell – Professor and Dean, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Richard DeMillo – Professor and Interim Chair, School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alexander Schwarzmann – Dean of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, University of Augusta

Eric Toler – Executive Director, Georgia Cyber Center

Stuart Rayfield – Vice Chancellor for Leadership and Institutional Development, University System of Georgia

Art Recesso – Chief Innovation Officer, University System of Georgia

Greg King – Associate Vice President for Economic Development, Georgia Institute of Technology

Steven Weldon – Director Cyber Institute at Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences

Gloria Griessman – Director of Industry Engagement and Programs, School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, Georgia Institute of Technology